Thanks for all that you have done for Ayden. You mean a great deal to him and our family.

Your instructors give off this zen-like peace combined with strength and power. Some of the comments to the boys were awesome. He gave some super encouraging remarks that definitely made an impact, at least on Ayden. Profound thoughts for little minds. Some of the other parents were making similar positive remarks. The energy of the whole class was different, fresh and exciting. A whole new and very good/pure vibe.

You’ve got a really special and dynamic group in that class.

You are an inspiration to us.

Bethel Park, PA 15102

Mr. O.,
Thank you very much for the wonderful opportunity of teaching at your school. I appreciate all that you’ve given me. Your instruction and insight into kenpo is great, this I can see in each and every one of your students. Please tell Bob for me that he is also a very powerful instructor and that he will make a great black belt. I will be sure to take some pictures in Israel posing with my PKA shirt on! I hope very much to rejoin your school upon my return.
Philadelphia, PA 19116

Justin and I are so happy that we have found such great instructors at your school, yes she is very comfortable with Ms. Andrea but she talks about you. Yesterday she was proud of herself for working with Mr. M. We do feel as though she is doing a great job once she gets on the mat! It is hard for us to not get frustrated because all she talks about is class the rest of the days during the week. We keep coming because we want her to see that we will not give up on her and it is nice to know that her instructors will not either. Thanks so much!
We appreciate all the efforts that you, Andrea and the rest of the instructors make. She is not used to having to answer to other people. This was one of the reasons we started her with Karate, it is obviously more serious and regimented than your typical dance school.

C & J
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Hi Jeff,

Thank you so much for teaching Chloe and Ryan. You hold the kids to high standards and I am very proud of both of them. Chloe has always been ultra-coordinated and Ryan, who is 2 years younger, gets frustrated when he cannot do what she can do. I am really proud of Ryan. He keeps trying ” he never gives up” and I can see great improvement in him, too. I really appreciate everything you are doing for them.

I can tell a difference in both Chloe and Ryan since I started bringing them to your school. They are developing self-confidence which I certainly never had as a child and, of course, the physical activities you have them perform and the coordination they are developing is extraordinary.

All of your instructors are wonderful. I am glad Chloe and Ryan have other responsible adults to which they can talk when they have a “life challenge.” In my opinion, this will be increasingly important as they get older and will have more peer pressure.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

Deb L.
Brookline, PA 15226

Dear Mr. O:

First of all (and most importantly) thank you for your efforts, patience and wonderful ability to keep Sean focused and learning. The joy you bring him every week is priceless and we truly appreciate it. Sean has never had something that was just his outside of therapy and that makes his karate lessons even more special.

Thank you, again,
Diane H.
Pittsburgh, PA 15226

The instructors at PKA Karate are second to none. Mr. O. , Mr. M. and Miss Bonnie make the instructions a pleasant and friendly experience!! Thank You looking forward to seeing you in class.

C.J.’s Parents (Bonnie & Chuck)
Brookline, PA 15226

PKA Karate Academy is an outstanding martial arts school for practical self defense and fitness. The instructors are truly teachers as well as students of the art and their love for kenpo is contagious. The time I invest in training is maximized by a variety of resources such as group classes, private instruction, DVD’s, and seminars. The school gives me a chance to better my mind, body, and spirit and hopefully help those around me do the same.

Dave D
Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228

I first came to PKA seeking a fun and effective workout through Kickboxing and in just my first month, the school has far exceeded my expectations! Kickboxing is not only great exercise, but the experienced instructors are thorough and present practical self defense guidance as well. The classes allow everyone to progress at their own pace. The various supplementary multimedia materials available make it easy to practice at home and to strive daily for your personal best. I’ve since joined the Kenpo program too, and every single time I walk through PKA’s doors I earn something new. PKA provides all the tools necessary to succeed and to have fun in the process!

Bethel Park, PA 15102

You are such a great teacher – I learn by watching and emulating – so I picked up everything from you (and the other teachers). Honestly, you have given me a great gift over the last few years – restoring some of my self confidence. I know I have a ways to go yet.

Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Dear Mr. O,

I just wanted to tell you how excited my sister and I are that we are now students at your school. I was so impressed with what you taught us tonight in class. What you taught us in the one hour of class was more than we ever learned at our almost 2 years of taking karate at MJA. Your school and all the instructors make us feel very comfortable and welcomed. Going to PKA we learned that belt rank doesn’t matter as much as actually learning and applying our techniques to real life situations. We are so excited to continue our training at PKA and want to thank you and your instructors for showing us what true Kenpo Karate is. Looking forward to coming to our next class.

Breanna K.
McDonald, PA 15057

Chad is really excited about your school, and about you and the other instructors he’s met. I think we can safely say that after his two week trial, if you approve, he will be signing up! Chad got so many physical and mental benefits from his five years of karate (and totally loved it), but the instruction at his previous school was less energetic and hands-on than what I observed this evening at your teen class. I was very impressed.

For a black belt, he is maybe a little undereducated in the actual application of some moves. His previous school seemed to focus on learning and memorizing the moves at the expense of literally using them often enough. My husband and I had been thinking this for some time, so we’re very glad that he has an opportunity to work with you and take things up a notch while still having fun.

Melanie H.
Upper St. Clair, PA 15241

I can not even to begin to let you know what a difference I have noticed in my little guy because of Kenpo, and just appreciate the fact that you are his teacher. I really appreciate all that you have done for us and hope that you understand. Adam really enjoys having you as a teacher, and with your very busy schedule I hope that you are able to still accomodate us for the private lessons.

Thanks again for everything
Tracy H.
Brookline, PA 15226

Jeff, Thanks again for another great class. You and Mike really know how to keep us involved and interested.

Stay safe.
Rich V.
Upper St. Clair, PA 15241

Thank you for being so patient with him, you are a wonderful teacher. I was so impressed how you handled the students. You are so professional. Have a nice week see you on Wednesday.

Brentwood, PA 15227

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the outstanding job you have done w/little dragons! Colby puts his heart in all he does, and because of you karate is a big part of his life. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Mary Kay
Brookline, PA 15226

Mr. O.
Patrick loves and respects you so much-he really listens to what you say–you are one of the few! Thanks Jeff–I really appreciate you as well.

Lucy F.
Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228

Thank you so much for all you teach her, she really enjoys her time at PKA and she learns so much. Again thank you for everything.

Sincerely with friendship,
Chris (Makayla’s Grandma)
Brookline, PA 15226

You are an amazing teacher and have a wonderful school. We are very thankful for everything that you have done for us in regards to getting Shea on the right track.

Thank you again for everything.
Rachel & Chris
Beechview, PA 15216

Thank you for being willing to tackle such an important and sensitive subject and for doing it so well.

Be well,
Bob S.
McMurray, PA 15317

Mr. O., You taught me so much and I look at things a little differently thanks to you, Bonnie, and Mr. M.
Bridgeville, PA 15017


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